Posting Opportunities

Need to find artists for your project, exhibition or commission? You can upload opportunities for free to our website and they are viewable by our artist members.

Who can upload opportunities?


How much does it cost to upload opportunities?

It’s free to upload opportunities to our site although we may charge a fee if you're requesting a submission fee from the artist (see below). If you’d like to promote your opportunity further then get in touch after your opportunity has been approved.

Submission fees

Where a submission fee is required for your opportunity, you may be required to pay the equivalent of the submission fee before your opportunity is listed. 

  • £25 minimum fee if the artist is required to pay a fee
  • If Call with submission fee - either submission fee or minimum charge (whichever is higher)
  • If course / workshop / event - either 10% of fee or minimum charge (whichever is higher)

When will my opportunity go live on your site?

All opportunities are checked before they’re published on our site. They need to fulfil the criteria set out below. You’ll receive a notification once your opportunity has been made live - this is usually within three working days.

What are the criteria for opportunities and advertising?

We reserve the right to decline opportunities or adverts that fail to meet our guidelines. Before sending us your opportunities/adverts, please note the following:

  • Our services are aimed at artists and art professionals living in or contributing to the UK.
  • We cover a broad spectrum of opportunities and adverts ranging from awards, competitions, events, proposals, grants, residencies, fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, festivals, magazines, consultancy contracts, research briefs and job vacancies.
  • Usually, only opportunities and adverts that offer clear financial remuneration will be posted; this may include the opportunity for artists to sell their work.
  • Volunteer and internship roles will only be posted if expenses are paid and there is a clear benefit to the participant. A benefit is defined as training, continuous professional development or work experience. Any opportunity that attempts to circumvent National Minimum Wage Regulations will be declined.
  • All fees to be charged to the artist or art professional (e.g.: jury fees, commissions, gallery fees, insurance) must be specified in the posting; a posting that requires the artist or art professional to pay fees and offers little compensation will be accepted or refused at our discretion.
  • Opportunities and adverts that require application/submission fees will only be listed if they are from bona fide and established organisations.
  • Where a submission fee is required, you may be required to pay the equivalent of the submission fee before your opportunity is listed. We will send you an invoice shortly after the opportunity has been uploaded.
  • The name and location of the organisation advertising the opportunity/advert must be specified. We will not accept anonymous or third-party postings.
  • We will not list galleries for hire.
  • We do not normally list opportunities/adverts for artists or art professionals to take part in residencies, workshops, conferences or seminars that require a fee, unless a bursary, stipend or grant is offered or unless the fee is nominal.
  • We do not list opportunities/adverts that are only open to artists or art professionals living outside of the UK.
  • We do not include opportunities/adverts from so-called 'Vanity Art' websites or galleries that ONLY sell work through an online presence.
  • We do not list or promote advertisements from commercial enterprises selling products and services.
  • It is free to list an opportunity on the noticeboard.
  • When sending your details, please be sure to provide us with a brief description of your opportunity, address and contact details including email, deadline date and all relating web links (for further information and application forms / procedures etc.).


How do I post an opportunity?

To post an opportunity go to the link below. All opportunities are checked to make sure they meet our guidelines above before being published.

Post an opportunity >