New Art Highlights

29 November - 5 December 2021

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Sue Williams, Liz West, Eliana Sanchez-Aldana and Wayne Attwood

Fully Awake 6.6, Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art, Sue Williams

Install shot

Fully Awake 6.6

The culmination of a six part exhibition cycle at Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art

November 4th 2021 – December 17th 2021

Fully Awake is a cycle of six exhibitions which embraces an inter-generational approach to celebrating the practice and teaching of painting. Curated by Ian Hartshorne & Sean Kaye for the organisation Teaching Painting, whose remit is to produce publications, symposia, conferences and exhibitions celebrating the teaching of painting within Art Schools at all levels.

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Sue Williams (right), ‘No Sweat, My Pink Red Ruby Lips Shout Back’, 2021. Terry Setch (centre), ‘Jellyfish & Plastic’, 2018. Geraint Ross Evans (left), The Closer We Are, 2019

Slow Revolution, 2021 by Liz West

Liz West

Credit: Charles Emerson

Slow Revolution is a new permanent large-scale sculptural artwork, developed site-specifically for Greengate, Salford. The work comprises of individual prismatic triangles covered in luminescent reflective colours and stacked to form geometric columns, spanning across the building to create an optically vibrant and kaleidoscopic installation. Made of 56 triangular prisms, each set apart at a 5 degree angle, Slow Revolution is a glowing series of 8 towering beacons that appear to playfully twist and rotate as the viewer moves in front of the work, therefore prompting a shifting dialogue between the audience and space. The slow revolution of triangles produces the sensation of gradual movement across the expanse of the sculpture, enlivening its surroundings and encouraging movement through the Greengate corridor.

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The time(s) to listen, 2018-20 by Eliana Sanchez-Aldana

Eliana Sanchez-Aldana

The Time(s) to Listen is an exhibition that invites us to connect with four textile collectives made up of women who have suffered the experiences of the war in Colombia, along with their feelings and testimonies regarding the question; what shapes can reconciliation take?

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Stories we tell, 2021 by Wayne Attwood

Wayne Attwood

100x100cm, Oil on canvas.

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