New Art Highlights

3 - 9 April

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Jeremy Webb, Robert McCubbin, Liz Clifford and Alison O'Neill

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Ceilings I Have Loved, 2023 by Jeremy Webb

Jeremy Webb 

Sometimes as a life model, I'm required to lie flat on my back for hours on end so the students can paint or draw a reclining figure. Being unable to move my head I often stare at whatever is above me, whatever it is. It's always a ceiling. I explore thee landscapes above me as the only visual sensory stimulation I can get and become at times trance-like and sucked-in to their architecture and form. Of course I know "it's just a ceiling!" but it does become something extraordinary if you spend hours, motionless beneath it. And so sometimes I return to photograph these places and here are just a few.

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BT, 2023 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin

Mixed-media collage

24 x 20 cm

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Bundled-Being, 2023 by Liz Clifford

Liz Clifford 

A floor based assemblage of discarded domestic bedding, washing line, fencing wire and steel found entangled in the undergrowth. A bundle of fleshy forms growing around harsh lines of constraint, it is concerned with continuing growth against the odds and thwarted containment.

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Here We Left It, 2021 - 2023 by Alison O'Neill

'Here We Left It' is an ongoing series of brief, looped video works where nothing much seems to happen. The works utilise everyday objects such as bin bags and discarded packaging to exlore the idea of the screen as a container. Silently flickering and barely moving these works are short, discrete moments destined to repeat forever.

The title 'Here We Left It' is taken from Virginia Woolf's short story 'A Haunted House'.

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