I am delighted to say I have been commissioned by Project Motorhouse to collaborate with photographer Tim Topple and the project team on an Arts Council England funded youth initiative centred around & a group of local 12-16 year olds to create together, a photo-based project 'The Camera Eats First' culminating in an installation at Silverland Studios, Ramsgate Royal Harbour in June/July 2021 -

“At Project MotorHouse, we believe it takes a range of abilities and capabilities to build a strong community. We produce youth projects which are designed to help local youths explore their potential by widening their horizons, broadening their skill base, demystifying success, fostering their creativity and helping them engage with their local community; all of which improves employability. The charity grew out of a community initiative to save a derelict site on Ramsgate seafront which was owned by Thanet District Council. The youth work side of the project evolved from local school students and residents gardening together at the derelict site. The building has now been sold to developers but the youth work continues”. https://www.projectmotorhouse.org.uk/