It hasn't been long since we spent our time at home, now it is as if the world is trying to make up for it or trying to fit things in before we are in lockdown again. Spent Friday night at Museum of Making, Derby with cardboard, masking tape, bits of straws and sticky things being guided to make a very simple automaton. Such fun, thanks to Steven Ray and the museum. Sorry for the poor photo! I'll post better when its finished. Saturday was Breaking the Mould symposium at Lakeside, Nottingham. It was an insightful exhibition although some pieces I did not feel stand up to the test of time. The symposium threw in some amazing facts and figures about the prevalence of women artists, particularly sculptors and the percentage of female work shown. It is not good. Then Primary studio in Nottingham provided Listening Space where sound artists like myself could hear their works properly - a proper space with proper speakers!