The concept for the sculpture titled A Play, with Light - Wardian case No 2 was inspired by the thought that light unites us all, a humbling thought to share this gift with not only you, but globally too. Mc Dermott uses a beam of light to shine onto the back of the sunrise photograph so it appears as a white circle on the front of the landscape photograph. The white circle is a symbol that she has worked with that represents her spent energy. This is an environmental artwork that imagines what plants may look like in a scorching sun due to climate changed.
Description: These imaginary plants tackle the problem of landfill and uses an example of a gadget, such as garden solar lights that are not really made for the long term as they malfunction due to rusting outdoor over the winter months.
Medium: Photograph mounted on a curved metal. wire mesh, eye/hook, reclaimed wood and fabric, ribbon, wire, beads and garden solar light parts.
1/12 editions