Having now looked at a whole range of creative approaches in raising environmental awareness of the hazards of littering in relation to wildlife, the aim of the Litter Critters is to make a range of crafted animals from waste materials to be used in an educational workshop setting as a visual resource.
These objects make reference to the work of the craftivists and dialogue with Sarah Corbett at the Craftivist Collective (2022). The objects are non-threatening, engaging and appeal to a very broad range of learners.
Reference was also made to the work of the Hubbub Foundation and in particular their campaign- Love Your Forest (2019). This engaging family- friendly campaign used craft activities in conjunction with litter picking, sports events to see a drastic fall in littering in the Forest of Dean.
I also referenced several children’s series from the 1970’s, which used animals and other characters to often deal with moral, environmental issues in a very calming, quiet way. These include Bagpuss, Trumpton and Camberwitt Green, all the work of Oliver Postgate and Gordon Murray.