Location: Matchstick Piehouse, Deptford

Get your camera phones at the ready because #Sergina is coming back from the URL into the IRL. #Sergina has been spotted at a host of super exclusive venues across the globe including Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke Berlin; Shout Festival, Birmingham; Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn; and the Knot, Ottawa and is here to merge our data selves with our reality. Expect new performances from top secret never-been-heard-before-tracks and a melding of the digital with the tangible like no other.

#Sergina is performing for the first time without a screen in a very long time. You should come and see her. Alongside her are some incredible performers who you will say 'I saw them in 2021.' First wave of tickets are already gone. Watch this space for announcements of the next lot: https://matchsticktheatre.com/#/event/qwere-1 - and follow Qwe're on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/qwere.london/