On 15th October 2020 #Sergina presented the next episode of her Digital Participatory Soap Opera about Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age, four times over, by newly trained up agents Shiva Raichandani, Kaajel Patel and Matt Miwa, and long term service provider Elly Clarke.

The performance took place live on October 15th 2020 at 10am, 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm EDT. The audience were given the option to take part as Voyeurs (via this livestream here and on Vimeo and Digital Arts Resource Centre Facebook) or as Participants (via Zoom).

This Soap Opera was hosted on DARC's digital platforms, as part of #Sergina's month long (digital) residency, 8th October - 2nd November 2020 with public facing / participatory events taking place each Thursday.

Shortcuts to:

Curator Anyse Ducharme's initial introduction and land acknowledgement: https://youtu.be/_ei1_fZX1mY?t=12
HOW ARE YOU? with Agents Elly and Kaajel: https://youtu.be/_ei1_fZX1mY?t=155
HOW ARE YOU? with Agents Kaajel and Shiva: https://youtu.be/_ei1_fZX1mY?t=7160
HOW ARE YOU? with Agents Shiva and Matt: https://youtu.be/_ei1_fZX1mY?t=14327
HOW ARE YOU? with Agents Matt and Elly: https://youtu.be/_ei1_fZX1mY?t=21505