'colour, form, reflection and absorption #11’
relief: acrylic on plywood

The series ‘colour, form, reflection and absorption’ is continuing to be realised from articulating previously discarded waste materials from the fabrication process of manufacture found in industrial and educational settings.
In the process of accessing and recycling what could be considered as found ready-made physical artefacts of this industrial waste, an unexplored creative potential is recognised and intentionally explored as a starting point in the creation of new artwork.
Working in response to the found artefacts as an intervention from what I see, layer upon layer of the discarded machined material is reappropriated and what was previously unobserved as a creative potential resulting from the initial fabrication becomes more perceptible. In the methodology of observation, reflection and application in my studio based practice, the origins of the intended fabrication become lost and are replaced by a composite mediation where an immediacy of depth, reliefs and voids move beyond the familiar in an abstraction of shape and form. This process and its realisation considerers and investigates the relationship of painting and sculpture in combining flat 2D abstractions with negative space and reliefs and finds an expansion between the two.
Rendered in monochrome, the emphasis in this series is on abstraction in composition and the use of ready-made materials to realise this. Line, shape and form are conceived in the depth and relief of individual layers that are meticulously configured, how they merge and combine and how light is absorbed and reflected. This results in an on-going development of a subjective abstraction that emerges throughout this series of works.
‘colour, form, reflection and absorption #’3 and #7 were both shown at the Manchester School of Art ‘Legacy’ alumni exhibition in 2017.