An Arts Council Wales / National lottery grant for exploring and recording soundscapes to accompany my photographic work.
My intention is to use this opportunity to develop my photographic professional practice by making audio recordings within locations I photograph; these will be a collection of natural soundscapes and at times, the spoken word. I want the resulting work to provide viewers with a sensory escape of images and sound, to evoke positive appreciation of places I visit, seen through my eyes and listening to soundscapes through my ears. The resulting sensory work will aspire to be more accessible and provoke feelings of empathy and positive well-being.
The project will enable me to have time and equipment to learn how to do this in a range of different environments and contexts and then apply this new knowledge and way of working to future project work. As part of this funded, exploratory project I will investigate options to present the resulting combination of sounds and images both within the gallery context and through online environments.
Some of the outcomes of this work may now be seen and heard on the website