Live sound/visual work created by mark making + human effort. All sound originates live from the blackboard and within the fluorescent tube light. Self generating performance system designed and created by Helena Hamilton.

Performed by Helena Hamilton, below are her instructions for the performance:

“Enter the stage of a blacked out room. Walk behind the blackboard to the switch that turns on the tube light. Turn the tube light on and wait for the sound to quietly surround the room. Walk to the front of the blackboard and commence a 25 - 30 minute interaction using the chalk in your pocket and the physical self. Let the sounds dictate the mark making and effort of pushing against the blackboard. Throughout the performance concentrate on the blackboard, never turn around to face the audience. Coming to the end of the interaction, stand in the middle, directly in front of the tube light and push the blackboard as hard as you can behind the light. Hold until the sounds create feedback. When feedback is created pull the board back as far as you can and hold until you hear the granular synthesis created via the tube light slowly take over. The performer is to decide how long to hold this for. Slowly bring the black board back to its original starting position. Walk behind the blackboard to the switch controlling the light and turn it off. The granular synthesis produced from within the light will still continue to play. The performance will come to an end when the performer turns the volume down on the programme - eliminating all sounds, this is to be done when the performer sees fit.”

Duration: Variable (usually 25 minutes)