Approved: 17.12.2012

Julian Claxton

Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Project manager

Approved: 17.12.2012

Julian Claxton studied in Manchester, London and Bristol. His work investigates systems of validation and belief. 

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    Artist Statement

    Julian Claxton studied in Manchester, London and Bristol. His work investigates systems of validation and belief. 

    Working with Volkskammer, Berlin, he has undertaken several overseas residencies, most recently in Malta, Rome and Sardinia. Other projects include co-curating Test Space International's intervention at Manifesta 12 in Sicily (2018), as well as the ongoing Blue Rider project. 

    He had a solo exhibition, Black Camp, at Motorcade/FlashParade, Bristol (2012). Group exhibitions include Saga (Tamaran) (2016), Pandemic, Leeds (2013), Oriel Davies Open (2012) and Ways of Looking, Bradford (2011). His work has been covered in the Fortean Times. He was a Founder Director of Plan 9, Bristol and now co-runs Test Space and Test Space International. 

    CV & Education

    Solo exhibition/performance

    2018 - The tide comes in..., Ostia Antica, Rome, Italy

             - The Temple of Ta'Hagrat, Mgarr, Malta (Valetta 2018)

    2017 - Night Visions: Romance, Rebellion and the Rocky Road

             - Malaga Nights

             - The Pyramids of Guimar, Tenerife, Spain (Volkskammer)

    2016 - Right on through to the other side, Stairwell Project, Spike Island, Bristol

    2012 - Black Camp, Motorcade/Flashparade, Bristol

    Recent Group exhibitions

    2018 - Manifesta 12, Sicily (with Test Space International)

    2017 - Skye 2, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol

    2017 - Operation Skye, Test Space International and Volkskammer, North Skye, Scotland

    2016 - Saga (Tamaran), El Castillo, Santa Brigida, Gran Canaria

    2016 - Loft Projekte, Hotel Transit Loft, Berlin

    2015 - Xerox Club, Brighton

    2014 - Eccentricity, Museum in the Park, Stroud

    2014 - Lost (as Gerard de Verre), Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury

    2013 - Pandemic (as Creed Wall), Derby

    2013 - Full of Empty, alldaybreakfast, Bristol

    2012 - 290.25m3, Spike Pop Up, Spike Island, Bristol

    2012 - Bristol Diving School, Curatorial Exercise No 1, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol

    2012 - Oriel Davies Open 2012, Oriel Davies, Newtown, Powys

    2011 - Case Open, Bradford Festival of Photography, Bradford

    2011 - Female Wales  (as Kunte Howell-Ojidade), Millenium Centre, Cardiff

    2010 - Kunte's Kwtch, 17 Great George Street, Bristol

    Curatorial-Production projects

    2018 d/UMP, Art in Motion, Skulptur Parc, Polly Kelsall, Colin Higginson, TSI (Manifesta 12), RUNG, Olivia Jones, Test Space and Test Space International, Bristol

    2017 Robert Foster, Benjamin Jones, May Day May Day, Stollen, Anton Goldenstein, African Queen, lewd jaw, Test Space, Bristol

    2016 Katy Connor, Anne Deeming, Thomas Goddard, Andy Jackson, Slider, Test Space, Bristol

    2015 Hayley Lock, Simon Hood, Harry Meadley, Test Space Open, Test Space, Bristol

    2014 Sweatlodge, Test Space, Bristol (Zanne Andrea, Martyn Cross, Brendan Lancaster)

    2014 Test Space Open, Spike Island, Bristol (20 artists selected following an open call)

    2013 - StopAction, Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol (Rhys Coren, Alex Dipple, Hanz Hancock, Patrick Morrissey


    2017 - Monte d'Accoddi, Sardinia, Italy

    2016 - One Thousand Swimming Pools, Gran Baia, Albufeira, Portugal

    2016 - Nice Rooftop Residency, Bvd Victor Hugo, Nice, France

    2015 - CAAM (Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno) Territorio Okupado

    2013 - Y Wladfa Luminosa, Museo de Etnografía de la Migración Gales, Gaiman, Chubut, Argentina


    2016 Axisweb Instagram Takeover (as the Mysterious Blue Rider)

    Public commissions 2013 - Black Mountain Grappling Club, Museum of Mining and Migration, Javeafford West

    Site specific 2012-2013 - Durational Performance Series , Creed Art Club, various sites in England, Wales, France, Spain and Italy