1. An outline of something, especially a person's face, as seen from one side.
2. A social media user's summary of their personal details or current situation.
3. The extent to which a person attracts public notice.
4. A record of a person's psychological or behavioural characteristics and preferences.
Oxford Living Dictionaries 2017

The work, Profile, consists of 120 individual pieces of mirrored glass in the shape of mobile phones, each bears the portrait of someone who is connected to the artist as a Friend on Facebook.

Featuring instantly recognisable portraits of real people, literally in profile,
this work highlights how today we carry our loved ones and friends in our pocket in much the same way as people have carried photographs or miniature portraits and love tokens for centuries. Our phone is an intimate object. Our online relationships are often criticised for being lacking in depth and can be a poor substitute for human contact, but these networks can often sustain us in a real way and allow us to feel connected to each other in the wider world. The mobile phone puts the world in our pocket and can facilitate friendships, love, protest and act as an agent of social change.