Approved: 24.01.2016

Naty Lopez-Holguin

Artist, Maker

Approved: 24.01.2016

We all see big things, we all see bright things; it can’t be helped! …

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    Artist Statement

    We all see big things, we all see bright things; it can’t be helped! …

    What about small things?

    As John Berger proposes “we only see what we look at” and … “looking is an act of choice” (1978)

    “The idea of space is a complex phenomenon in Naty’s work … the slippage between its solid forms and their collapse into insubstantiality. Scale is never to be relied upon in her work, things don’t look the size they are, and neither is materiality to be trusted” (Dr M. Walker 2023)

    For the last eight years, I’ve been mainly working with tumble-dryer fluff – a commonly discarded material full of associations.

    Through material transformation, the soft fluff becomes solid; layers upon layers where the short fibres interlink, pulling as they dry, forming an always changing outcome. The forms are influenced by plastic packaging, where the fluff is restricted within, giving a ‘manufactured’ feel as a metaphor for social constrains.

    Using materials to convey points of human experience interest me, simultaneously instigating associations and interpretations.


    What’s known space? … in a social rather than formal sense … best expressed by Evi Soukara’s words (visitor to my latest exhibition, 29th Sep 2023):

    “Thank you for a big big life lesson that you have passed me through your art! That nothing and no one belongs in the bin. We need to think multiple times and change viewpoints and perspectives before we discard any item or person! There is potential around us waiting to be discovered and transformed.

    Have a beautiful day!”

    CV & Education


    2023      Possibility Space, collaboration with Mike Walker, Art Space Portsmouth, UK.

    2022      Spatial constraints and deviations within the box, Arch Window Gallery, Ryde, UK.

    2022      Black Swan Arts Open, Frome, Sommerset, UK.

    2022      Stretched, Art Space Portsmouth, UK.

    2022      Connections and Building blocks, Department, Ryde Arts, Ryde, UK.

    2021      Post-Tea sleepovers, by Anna Davies, CASS Art, Manchester, UK

    2021      Worldwide, The Stable Gallery [online exhibition].

    2020      Select Dream, street level exhibition on disused Knight & Lee department store, Portsmouth.

    2020      A6 Murals Worldwide, online project by Lydia Wierenga. [Entry No.62 - 2nd March]

    2020      Pinocchio’s got nothing on you, Broken Grey Wires and the Pod zine, Coventry.

    2020      Talking Sense: The changing vocabulary of mind and brain, The Portico Library, Manchester.

    2019      Little Forest Land Art project, Evergreen, Hampshire.

    2019      Tertulia, Bankley Gallery, Levenshulme, Manchester.

    2019      Micro, AIR Gallery, Greater Manchester.

    2019      From the waste around us, The Change Room, Goldsmiths MFA, London.

    2018      Bankley Gallery Open, Levenshulme, Manchester.

    2018      Mottisfont Biennial Open, National Trust Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire.

    2018      Art in the Garden, North Boarhunt, Hampshire.

    2018      Normal Papers, Fringe Arts Bath, Somerset.

    2017      Culina Artem, Weald & Downland Museum, Singleton, West Sussex.

    2017      Winter Salon Open, Rye Creative Centre, Rye.

    2017      LOOK AT your city, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.

    2017     International Conference on Innovative Traditional Crafts, Hangzhou Creative Design Centre, China.

    2017      Nearby-Faraway, 19th International Minitextile exhibition, Galéria Umelka, Bratislava,  Slovakia.

    2017      Small Faces, Solent Showcase Gallery, Southampton.

    2016      Threads, Salisbury Art Centre, Salisbury.

    2016      Mottisfont Biennial Open, National Trust Mottisfont Abbey, Nr. Romsey.

    2016      Precision and Soul, Art Space Gallery, Portsmouth.

    2016      The Sea Has No Boundaries, Stories of Travellers and Dreamers, Kunst Altonale,   Hamburg, Germany

    2016      Face To Face, Galéria Umelka, Bratislava, Slovakia.

    2016      CHROMA: Blue, Safehouse2, London.

    2016      Process in Work, Scene Gallery, London.

    2015      Belonging: A notion of Home, GASP Gallery, Portsmouth.

    2015      Here and There, Portsmouth Guildhall.

    2015      Awakening, Oxmarket Centre of Arts, Chichester.

    2014      South-Central, Aspex, Portsmouth.

    2014      Vessels, Making Space, Havant.

    2014      Someone & Something, Aspex, Portsmouth.

    2014      Degree Show, ArtOne, University of Chichester.

    2013      Interstices, Chichester Cathedral.

    2013      Thixotropic, Otter Gallery, Chichester.

    2012      clearspOt, Otter Gallery, Chichester.      

    2011      Legacy – New Creatives 2010, Space Gallery, Portsmouth.



    2023      LOOK AT your city -  Portsmouth 2023, online project for all, Portsmouth, UK.

    2022      Ryde Arts Bursary and Residency: Department, Ryde, UK.

    2018       Award: First prize winner at the Bankley Open.

    Judged by James Moss, curator at the Portico Library Manchester; Leanne Greene, assistant curator at the Whitworth Gallery; Magnus Quaife, artist and senior lecturer in Fine Art.


    2018       Nomination: Nominated to propose for Suvey at Jerwood Visual Arts.

    “We approached 35 artist nominators to put forward exceptional early-career artist who are at a moment where they could significantly benefit from a supported exhibition and development opportunity. You are one of 72 artists that have been nominated …” Sarah Williams, Head of programme, JVA.

    Survey is a major exhibition presenting new work by 15 early-career artists from across the UK and it is the largest review of contemporary art practice in Jerwood Visual Arts’ 12 years of programming …” Sarah Williams.


    2017      Residency: Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

                             LOOK AT your city project, supported by Lottery Funding Arts Council England.


    2012      Internship: CASS Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, West Sussex.

                             Work with American artist David Brooks on the production of Picnic Grove.



    2011 – 2014     BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Chichester – First Class.