Location: Wells Cathedral

Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) is an international competition giving artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in Wells Cathedral, win a wide range of prizes, and be selected by distinguished judges. The competition is open to all artists over the age of 18, working around the world in all mediums and styles.

So excited to have been selected to show - My installation “L’Ascensione” (The Ascension) is a physical expression of man’s struggle for enlightenment. The third century Christian scholar, Origen Adamantius interpreted the Ascension-story in a mystical way, as an “ascension of the mind rather than the body”. ?In modern times, a literal reading of the Ascension-stories has become problematic, due to the differences between the pre-scientific cosmology of the times of Jesus, and the scientific worldview that leaves no place for a Heaven above earth. In my sculpture the mind is represented as a tangle of convoluted pipes ascending the steps to the chapter-house. A maelstrom of overlapping thoughts, dreams, ideas jostle together, gradually resolving themselves into a single thread of mental clarity. The sculpture could be equally read as ascending and simultaneously descending thus creating a duality of thought, or infinite directional conversation.

The Chapter-house steps are an ideal location for my installation as they create a naturally exaggerated perspective which further enhances the work. The way in which it climbs the steps and the reflective quality of the galvanised steel form a strong connection to the building, setting up a physical dialogue with the past and present. Huge thanks to @clareeburnett @visualartsadvisor @wellsartcontemporary @parkerharrisco @wellscathedral

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