Approved: 11.03.2020

Sam Metz

Artist, Project manager, Researcher

Approved: 11.03.2020

Sam is an interdisciplinary inspired by movement. Sam’s work researches, creates and reflects on the concept of what they refer to as ‘choreographic objects.

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Artist Statement

Sam is an interdisciplinary inspired by movement. Sam’s work researches, creates and reflects on the concept of what they refer to as ‘choreographic objects.

A ‘choreographic object’ is any work Sam creates that has, through the process of making or in the way it looks, a relationship to the body and movement. These works have included animation, analogue and digital film, paintings and crafted objects, such as 3D printed forms. These objects are created through movement and rhythm, whether in the form of still images lifted from film footage of Sam’s live art or in the dynamic, repetitive gestures of their mark making.

Referencing space, time, rhythm, repetition and direction, the sculptural objects then go on to inform choreography, as well as to document it.  The 3D forms will act as both a description of movement that has happened and as a trigger for future movement. The forms act as a proxy for the performing body that is absent – hopefully, having a closer relationship to that body than those generated by more traditional paper based script, in that the 3D forms stimulates a viewer’s visual empathy by occupying 3D space like the body of the original mover – expanding and extruding into space, much like the body in movement.

As a neurodivergent artist with sensory processing differences, the objects allow Sam to work in non-verbal ways, which is a key part of their practice. As an artist with an unpredictable body (due to both Tourette’s and the disability EDS, a connective tissue disorder) the creation of visual, sculptural objects for choreography and alternative forms of notation have allowed the artist alternative methods of communication with artists.

It is important to say here that Sam is a visual artist working across performance, platforming work that is both non-verbal and not reliant on having a normative description of a reliable body for performance. Collaborative work has included working with artists to create their own choreographic object as well as directing others with choreography. Sam operates in a social model of disability.

Sam studied Architecture and Critical Theory (philosophy) at University of Nottingham and had previously trained in physical theatre, they currently work out of the Makerspace in Hull.

CV & Education




Interdisciplinary artist, developing choreographic objects for performance and ‘draw to perform’ drawing in the expanded field.


Ferens Art Gallery, Heritage Learning, Hull                                                          November 2018-March 2020


Learning Producer

Managing the design, development and delivery of a strong and accessible visual and contemporary arts offer across Ferens Art Gallery and wider Hull Museum venues, aimed at target audiences from across Hull, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. 



LEVEL centre, Derbyshire                                                                                 2017 - 2018


Programme Manager


Nottingham Museums and Galleries, Nottingham                                                 2016 – 2017(maternity)


Community Programmer 


Bishop Grossetetste University, Lincoln                                                                            2015 - 2016


Sandford Cascade Learning Officer


Tate, Circuit Project, Nottingham                                                                                    2014 - 2016


Project Artist

Collaborating with people with young people with learning difficulties and autism to create engagement opportunities with gallery exhibitions – looking at non-verbal approaches to interpreting art.


Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery, Nottingham                                                           2013 - 2016


Associate Artist

Engaging audiences with Nottingham Contemporary's program of contemporary art exhibitions. Devising and delivering a range of workshops (performance, film, installation and animation). 


Nottingham City Museums and Galleries                                                                         2015 - 2016


Researcher for Nottingham City Museums and Galleries                                              

Freelance Project Engagement and freelance artist                                                     


Nottingham Trent University International College, Nottingham                                          2015 - 2016


Sessional Lecturer

Art and Design Foundation Certificate


QUAD, Derby                                                    2012 - 2016

Artist Educator and Researcher for a number of short and long term projects;


WEA, Nottingham                                                                                                       2014 - 2015




1623 Theatre Company with ERDF funding

Research Project                                        2012


City Arts, Nottingham


Workshop Facilitator and Artist                                          2005 - 2016
Artist for many events happening around Nottingham. I worked with a diverse range of people including children, and adults with mental health issues. 


Surface Gallery, Nottingham
Gallery Assistant                                            2005 - 2008
Event organisation and coordination with external agents for an online live media event for Radar festival. Gallery curation duties, exhibition set up for 20-30 exhibitions


University of Warwick

    Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector                                                         2014

Training in education alongside my current role within a gallery based learning team, including action research.

University of Nottingham
MA Architecture and Critical Theory                            2012

  Research, body in space and body and technology




Tate Exchange featured artist for Shape Arts March 2020, delivery of charcoal drawing workshop 


Exchange 62, Artist for Hull 2020, developing drawing and mark making for a residency in Hull March 2020 as well as upcoming residencies in Leeds and Manchester collaborating with artists


Jerwood Bursary 2019/20, development funding for Choreographic Objects, research and development of drawing at the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collective


YVAN Micro/Bursary, 2019, development funding for Choreographic Objects, working with a dancer to create new objects


NTU CVTR Lab funding 2019, ERDF funding within the digital labs at Nottingham Trent University to develop 3D porcelain prints for choreographic objects, supported by artist Dana Church


Primary, Nottingham, 2018 Freelance Artist for ‘Making Place’, Primary, Nottingham – co-production of a film and drawing connected to the theme of city spaces and imagining working with young people with additional needs


Online Collaboration, 2018, with dancer Katherine Hall, Morning Inside Dances, A series of animations responding to drawing, notation and mark making


Film Free and Easy, Primary, Nottingham 2018, screening of Sketchup Residency Film, Linearity and Predictability, The City Fragment


Guerilla Art Lab,

Residency, Attenborough Art Centre 2017, Takeover event, working with live drawing, body-based performance, analogue projection and programmed sound installation

Short residency Performing Alchemy Lace Market Gallery, Nottingham 2017, working with draw to perform, live drawing for film, body-based performance, analogue projection and programmed sound installation


Tetrad Screening, Attenborough Arts Centre 2017, Linear Distortion and the Body (2minute performance film)


Movement, Group Exhibition, Left Bank Leeds, 2017 submission of gestural mark-making paintings


Draw the Line, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 2017, submission of charcoal drawings on wax and hand drawn cine film


National Centre of Craft and Design, Sleaford September 2016, Performance commission (choreography) for Cause and Effect exhibition preview


In Dialogue 2016, Selected Performance (choreographed) Conversation, A durational performance for 4 performers in the interstitial spaces at Nottingham Contemporary


York St John Bursary 2017, development of drawing notation and scores for reimagining the city project with artist and lecturer Matthew Hawthorn


Workshops to create engagement opportunities for young people with learning difficulties at Nottingham Contemporary. 2014 to 2016  See


Artist Digital Show and Tell, Tate Britain 2015, sharing movement work where participants are invited to engage and create sequences through a mix of sound recording and technical apps.