Approved: 16.08.2006

Victoria Rance

Artist, Curator, Film-maker, Maker, Writer

Approved: 16.08.2006

Based at APT Studios in Deptford London UK, Victoria Rance was the 2003-4 winner of The Mark Tanner Award for Sculpture. She is concerned with the exploration of social and human behaviour, encouraging awareness of both inner psychic space and our relationships with each other and our environment. Her work identifies with both the outer wildlife, and our inner wildness and animal nature. Series of works include:

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    Artist Statement

    Based at APT Studios in Deptford London UK, Victoria Rance was the 2003-4 winner of The Mark Tanner Award for Sculpture. She is concerned with the exploration of social and human behaviour, encouraging awareness of both inner psychic space and our relationships with each other and our environment. Her work identifies with both the outer wildlife, and our inner wildness and animal nature. Series of works include:

    ·        Sculptural tableaux dealing with political power and hierarchies and the rise of the Trickster in contemporary culture overshadowing liberal values (2017 onwards). The Night Horse and The Holy Baboon is based on a talismanic object in the Pitt Rivers collection which makes the rider invisible at night in order to kill enemies. The Apology is about power relationships and secret weapons. Marion is about how women gained power in the middle ages through visions.

    ·        Sculpture to Wear: wearable sculptures and spaces to inhabit either physically or in the imagination about how we protect our inner lives. Caterpillars draws on Batesian mimicry, Tabard the spiky defence of porcupines and SOS the armour of armadillos. Interactions with the work are recorded using photography and animations. Monkey Mask is an animation about an aging half human half primate.

    ·        Otherworld (2015 onwards) small work about the magical, mythological relationships between humans, animals and nature.

    ·        I Wish (2013 onwards) in which Victoria makes a talismanic object for people in response to a one to one conversation. She looks at the power of magical thinking in times of desperation and has been commissioned to do the project in schools, with refugees and migrants, and in a hospital.

    CV & Education

    Solo exhibitions

    2021 in Real Life Cable Depot, Woolwich, London 

    2019 - Otherworld The White Box Gallery Blackheath

    2017 - The Night Horse and The Holy Baboon, The Cello Factory, Waterloo London

    2016 - Fasnacht the film Deptford X 

    2015 - I Wish collaboration with Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network Deptford X

    2014 - I Wish the film Deptford X

    2013 - The Sleep of Reason with Sylvia Lüdtke , BBK , Osnabrück, Germany

    2013 - I Wish Deptford X

    2012 - Medusa and Perseus, Chalabi Gallery, Istanbul

    2010 - Invisible Victoria Rance and Clare Whistler, The Lucy Bell Gallery, Hastings St Leonards

    2004 - The Mark Tanner Award Solo Exhibition, Standpoint Gallery, Hoxton, London

    2002 - The Office, The Atrium Gallery, Price Waterhouse Coopers, London

    2001 - The Holy Fool, St Mary Woolnoth, London

    2000 - Spire, The Economist Plaza


    Awards and residencies

    2017 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich residency (I Wish)

    2014 Deptford X Prize for I Wish - the film

    2011 European Cultural Foundation Travel Award  Residency 'Space for a Woman: Walking Through the City' 5533 Istanbul

    2003-4 The Mark Tanner Award for Sculpture

    2003 'Passage in the Forest' Residency Yokohama Japan  

    2001 Japan 2001 for ‘Dead Happy’ as curator

    2001 London Arts Council for ‘Dead Happy’ as curator


    Group exhibitions

    2020 - Wish You/We Were Here/There... an online show with The London Group 

    2020 - Hearten An Online exhibition with APT and Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Trust

    2020 - 25 APT Gallery Deptford 

    2020 - Isolation an online show with The London Group 

    2020 - Swallowhead performance and installation for In the Dark Cello Factory Waterloo 

    2019 - Capillary Tissues perfomance APT Gallery DeptfordX

    2019- Archipelago The Engine Room, Walthamstow Wetlands, London

    2019 - Sleepy Head Blythe Gallery London

    2019 - Drawing Distinctions Cello Factory London

    2018 - The London Group at St Ives The Penwith Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

    2018 - Drawing Distinctions Furlong Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Stout

    2018 -Good and Bad Government, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, Woolwich

    2017 - Down from London Linden Hall Studio Gallery Deal

    2017 - Touchstone APT Gallery, Creekside, Deptford, London

    2017 - Shoreham Sculpture Trail

    2017 - The Mesh, Watermans Arts Centre

    2017 - Personal Relations, Pulchri The Hague and Mirror Gallery Vicenza

    2016 - Personal Relations, The Cello Factory Waterloo London

    2016 - A Threshold, APT Gallery Deptford London

    2016 - Metallic, Burghley Sculpture Garden

    2016 - Sixty, Art Athina Athens Greece with Angus Huges Gallery

    2016 - Fe2 16 Morley Gallery London

    2015 - One Plus One Lubomirov-Angus-Hughes London

    2015 - Crossing Thresholds Gallery Tettix Thessaloniki Greece

    2015 - Need and Error Zsenne ArtLab Brussels

    2015 - Twentieth APT Gallery London

    2015 - Hundreds and Thousands Lubomirov-Angus-Hughes London

    2015 - Need and Error with TestStrip APT Gallery

    2015 - The Venice Biennale in London, Harts Lane Gallery, London

    2015 - Yan Tesir / Side Effect,  Galleri Ark Istanbul

    2015 - Fasnacht in Magic Lantern Fringe Arts Bath Festival

    2015 - Water Week Herstmonceux Castle

    2014 - Sound and Silence with Teststip at APT Gallery

    2014 - From David Bomberg to Paula Rego, Southampton City Art Gallery (co-curator & artist)

    2014 - Between the Lines, Mine Sanat Gallery, Istanbul

    2014 - Tipping the Line, Occupy My Time Gallery, Deptford, London

    2014 - The London Group on London, The Cello Factory, Waterloo, London

    2014 - Switch, Pulchri, Den Haag, Holland

    2013 - Photography and Video Show Ozo Coffee House, Tophane Istanbul 

    2013 - 100+ The London Group at The Cello Factory

    2013 - London Group Centenary , Mottisfont Abbey, Romsey, Hampshire

    2013 - A Decade of the Mark Tanner Award , Standpoint Gallery Hoxton, London

    2013 - The London Group Centenary Exhibition , Pitzhangar Manor Gallery , London

    2012 - Delineation , APT Gallery, Deptford

    2012 - Folklore short screening with Teststrip , APT Gallery, Deptford London

    2012 - Free Zone/Çanakkale, film screening, Erkan Yavuz Experimental Art Studio, Çanakkale Turkey

    2012 - London Group, The Cello Factory, London

    2012 - On My Behalf, , The Cumberland, London

    2012 - Sequoia Tees Amsterdam, Peter Klashorst Gallery Amsterdam 

    2012 - Tee Party Berlin, , The Wye, Skalitzer Straße, Berlin

    2012 - Territories and Boundaries, Kensington and Chelsea College, London

    2011 - Artbosphorus, Fulya , Istanbul 2011 - Contrary Voices, Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul

    2011 - Crafty Animators, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton

    2011 - Design and Print Now, Bearspace, SW1 Gallery, London

    2011 - Fast Forward, Globe Gallery, Newcastle

    2011 - Invaluable, APT Gallery, Deptford

    2011 - Place Called, Pop Up Cinema, Westway, London

    2011 - Pro-jection, APT Gallery, Deptford

    2010 - Bounty, Morley Gallery, London 2010 - Exteriority, SummariaLunn Gallery, London

    2010 - London Group Annual, The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Street, Waterloo

    2010 - Made Up Realities, Transformations, 2nd Canakkale Biennal , Turkey

    2010 - Meeting Point, Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul

    2010 - Print Now, Bear Space Gallery, London Art Fair 2010

    2010 - Sculpture in Paradise, Chichester Cathedral, Chichester

    2010 - The London Group Annual, The Cello Factory Waterloo, Waterloo London

    2009 - Art and Dis-grace, The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower London

    2009 - Drawing Act and Artefact, Morley Gallery, London

    2009 - Eastern Approaches, UH Galleries at Hatfield House, Herts

    2009 - South East, APT Gallery, Deptford

    2009 - Stand Alone, The Cello Factory, Waterloo London

    2008 - Concrete Dreams, APT Gallery , London

    2008 - London Group, Menier Gallery , London

    2007 - ArtSway Open , ArtSway , New Forest Hampshire

    2007 - Bounty, APT Gallery, Deptford London

    2007 - Deep Inspiration, Jerwood Space, London

    2007 - London Group Open, Menier Gallery, London

    2006 - Fe205, APT Gallery, Deptford London

    2006 - Heavenly Bodies, Burghley Sculpture Garden, Burghley House Stamford

    2006 - Spitalfields Public Art Project, Bishop's Square, Spitalfields London

    2006 - Steel, Canary Wharf, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London

    2005 - 'Creek', River and Rowing Museum, Henley

    2005 - Fe2O5, Myles Meehan Gallery, Darlington Arts Centre

    2004 - Fantastic Plastics, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe

    2004 - Outdoor Habitats, Museum of Domestic Architecture, London

    2003 - Creek, APT & Gallery, London; 

    2003 - Yokohama International Art Exhibition, Yokohama, Japan

    2002 - APT Gallery, Deptford, London

    2002 - Art in the Garden, Chelsea Physic Garden

    2002 - Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

    2001 - Contemporary Sculpture, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

    2001 - Dead Happy, St John's Waterloo, with Stuart Croft, Chris Marshall, Mayuko Hayakana

    2001 - Deptford X Open 2001 - Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

    2000 - And Ladders, St John's, Waterloo, London

    2000 - Bucolic, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

    1999 - Goodwood Drawing and Models Collection, Holland and Germany

    1999 - The Vessel, Portsmouth Cathedral 1998 - 20th Century Sculpture, Millfield, Somerset

    1998 - A Labour of Love, Goodwood Drawing Collection, Pallant House, Chichester

    1998 - Art Futures, Contemporary Art Society, Royal Festival Hall, London

    1998 - 2001 Sculpture at Goodwood, Goodwood, Sussex (Cass Sculpture)

    1997 - Art at 100, Hammerson Plc, 100 Park Lane, London

    1997 - London School of Economics, London

    1996 - The Spirit in Art, Beatrice Royal Art Gallery, Hampshire

    1993 - 2004  New Art Centre at Roche Court, East Winterslow, Wiltshire Public


    Public and commissioned art includes

    2017 I Wish for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Greenwich and Woolwich (community engagement project)

    2017 Memorial Sculpture St Laurence Catford

    2016 I Wish for Invicta School Deptford 

    2015 I Wish for The Women's Group of Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Centre for Deptford X (community engagement project)

    2014 I Wish for Montbelle School Greenwich with Art Reach (community engagement project)

    2008 Bridge Sculpture for Warneford Psychiatric Hospital Oxford  with design workshops

    2008 Comforter Sculpture for St Laurence Church Catford

    2005-6 Interior and exterior sculptures and five stained glass windows for St Andrews, Waterloo 

    2004 Wheat Spire  Sculpture for Mumford Mill, Deptford 

    2000 Spire Sculpture at The Economist Plaza, with The Contemporary Art Society

    1998 Faircross Arches, Faircross Community Complex Barking



    2000-2018 various collaborations with Sculpture to Wear and for animations including with Ben and Becca Burns, Clare Whistler, Lydia Julian, Sophia Campeau, Cole Pemberton

    2013  I Wish APT Studios (Deptford X Fringe)

    2010 Embodied Emotions, with Clare Whistler, Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions

    2008 Wild dreams, Recollected Dreams, Glyndebourne East Sussex

    2007 The Coal Notebooks, with Clare Whistler (UK), Sophia Campeau (Netherlands), Alex MacInnis (USA)

    2007 Wild Dreams, Glyndebourne Youth Opera, Utrecht, Holland

    2005 Circulate, Bishop’s Square Spitalfields

    2005 In Spitalfields, Community Cantata Spitalfields Festival

    2003-4 Elemental, Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    2002-3 Ancestor in the Chalk, Glyndebourne Youth Opera

    2002 Beehive (video) with Clare Whistler, Chelsea Physic Garden

    2001 Sea Change, with Clare Whistler, Jonathan Dove, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

    2000 Beaminster Festival Bucolic and Magdalena with Clare Whistler,

    2000 And Ladders, with Clare Whistler dancer/choreographer, St John’s Waterloo,

    2000 Bucolic, collaboration with Clare Whistler for U3A De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill

    1999 Magdalena St Nicholas’s Church for Deptford X


    Newcastle University BA Hons Fine Art 1983

    Kingston University MA Fine Art with PGCert in HE 2009