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Published: 08 December 2015

Becoming more responsive

When you visit you’ll be presented with a new responsive version of the homepage.  The new homepage adapts its layout depending on what type of device is being used on, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

The move reflects how the majority of our visitors are interacting with the site so that all users can get the best experience possible.

We see the homepage as a preview giving a sense of how the website could evolve.  We will listen to feedback and track usage to inform expansion of the responsive framework across the whole website.

Getting personal

We already have personalisation for subscribing members to alert them to relevant Opportunities, but we wanted to extend this principle to audiences.  Now you can follow any member and start receiving via Discover an activity stream of what they are doing.

This update allows us to experiment with the idea of personalisation around the content of our members.  It opens up for the future the ability to start adding a whole range of new features around a more personalised experience on the website.

More than just Artworks

We recognise that our members are involved in so many activities, we already have over one million content assets belonging to members.  So now via the website they can share this.  Artworks, projects, events, news, ideas even merchandise can be uploaded to their profile and shared to with an audience via Discover.   

Longer term our ambition is to push members content across the web to relevant places and audiences.  One example will be by uploading an event to Axisweb it will get pushed to relevant event listings.

Always in Beta

Beta is a state of mind.  Our approach is one of listening, observing and responding to what our users want.  I’d encourage you to spend some time navigating around the updated site and should you have any feedback, please send by responding to this blog post or via the survey link below.  Hopefully you’ll find the release to be an improvement.  


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Mark Smith Mark Smith

Executive Director of Axisweb

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