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Barton Hargreaves, Searching For Barton, 2001-2002

Published: 10 March 2017

We’re always looking at improving and introducing new features to help present your work and activities in the best light. That’s why we are working to improve our search and navigation.

Discover will become the hub of all content. It will help connect through search, filtering and navigation, creating new ways to explore and discover contemporary art.

What’s new:

  • Global search will use Discover to show results and aid navigation
  • Our Member directory will join Discover and become responsive and mobile optimised
  • Interactive map view
  • Extending category options to tag activities and optimise for search

Another key aspect worth highlighting is our shift to a more evidenced-based profile. Currently you can select terms from a list to say the type of activities you do. For example Public Art, Community Work, Studio practice...

Feedback shows that users want this to be backed up. If you say, for example, you do ‘public art’ projects, a user wants to see an example of a ‘public art’ project on your profile.

In future to have particular terms associated with your profile, so for example ‘public art’, you must upload an example of ‘public art’ . Then this term will be attached to your profile. So when a user searches for artists who work in ‘public art’ they will see an example on your profile to reinforce your experience.

We will let you know when things start to go live.

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Author: Axisweb

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